A-300 - Major Air Disasters
[Picture of A-300]
Photograph supplied by AVION FOTO

- Table of A-300 Air Disasters -

Date Crash Site Aircraft Airline Likely Reason for Crash as Reported Fatalities Report
03/07/1988 Struit of Hormuz Airbus A300 Iran Air Shot Down 290 Report
28/09/1992 Kathmandu Airbus A300 Pakistan Int. Airlines Hit high ground 167
26/04/1994 Nagoya Japan A300-600R China Airlines During Landing 264 Report
26/09/1997 Sumatra, Indonesia A 300 Gardua Airlines Crashed on Approach 234 Report
16/02/1998 Taibei, Taiwan A-300 China Airlines Crashed on Landing 204 Report

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